China has resented the UK’s decision to offer citizenship to Hong Kong citizens. China warned on Thursday that it would give a ‘consistent response’ to Britain’s decision. China has implemented the National Security Law in Hong Kong this week. Let me tell you that Hong-Kong was under British rule earlier. China has said that it strongly opposes the move and has the right to act accordingly. Not only this, China has also said that London should reconsider its decision and ‘refrain from interfering in Hong Kong issues.’

‘Britain is hurting its position, rules’
The Chinese Embassy in London emphasized that all Chinese living in Hong Kong are citizens of China. In fact, in the UK plan, there are 3 million Hong Kong-based people who hold or are eligible to apply for a British National Overseas Passport. China says that these people are citizens of China. The embassy issued a statement saying, “If Britain makes a unilateral change it will harm its position and promises, international law and rules of observance of international relations”.

PM Boris Johnson offered citizenship
Earlier, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that Hong Kong’s independence was being violated through the new security law. We will give British citizenship to the people affected by it through the British National Overseas Status. Explain that about 3 lakh 50 thousand people of Hong Kong already have British citizenship whereas 26 lakh other people are also entitled to citizenship under this law. China was ceded to Britain in 1997. China then guaranteed that it would uphold Shabar’s judicial and legislative autonomy.

America has also tightened its stand on Hong Kong
The US foreign minister said, “China’s Communist Party’s decision to end Hong Kong’s independence has given the Trump administration an opportunity to re-evaluate its policies regarding Hong Kong.” As China is moving towards passing the National Security Act, the US is preventing Hong Kong defense equipment of American origin. ‘


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