After the incident of 15 June, the army has increased its movement on Leh and other borders. With this, whatever units from Ladakh were about to return to Peace Station, they have been asked to stay there. The army has ordered its units deployed in the vicinity of Ladakh to be ready to move to Leh anytime. Especially units in Kashmir and Jammu can be ordered to move to Leh at any time.

Preparations have begun to evacuate the border villages in Ladakh. The army has asked the precautionary people to vacate the village. The settlements around Demchok Pangong Lake have been asked to remain alert. Mobile phones have been switched off in areas bordering the border. Even army landline phones have been switched off.

Only the phones connected to the operation are working. Incoming phone calls are also closed on them. Outside Leh City, all the movements except the army have been banned and the Srinagar-Leh highway has also been closed to the common people.

Leave of soldiers and officers canceled
Meanwhile, the army has canceled the holidays of its officers and soldiers. Officers and soldiers who were already on leave due to Corona were extended their leave by refusing to return to lockdown. Now all the holidays have been canceled.

If China moves, then order to take action
The 3400 km long Line of Actual Control near China has been alerted. Everywhere, the company commander of the Forward Post has been ordered to take action if there is any action from China.

Navy warships will also be deployed, deployment of fighter jets increased
Meanwhile, in a meeting between Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and the three army chiefs on Tuesday night, the Navy has also received orders to deploy its warships in areas adjacent to China. Apart from the army, the ITBP deployed along the borders with China has also alerted its troops. The Air Force has extended deployment of fighter jets at its forward bases in Himachal and Uttarakhand.


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