Restrictions of Lock Down have not been completely removed across the country due to the Corona virus. Meanwhile, the festival season is starting across the country from August to November next month due to the ongoing dispute with China on the border. In such a situation, this time the festivals may not be visible in the markets on festivals which are seen every year. But this time there is such preparation that you will see 100 percent Indian goods in the market. During this time Chinese goods will be completely missing from the market. It has been prepared by a small business organization.

Festive season starts from august 3
The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), an organization that claims to represent around 7 crore small traders across the country, has sent a message to all the merchant organizations including Delhi that from the upcoming festival of Rakhi on August 3 to November 25 , Tulsi till marriage, all the Indian goods used in all festivals should be made available in abundance throughout the country. This should not cause any problem in buying Indian goods. In these three months festive season, Rakhi, Janmashtami, Ganeshotsav, Navratri, Durga Puja, Dhanteras, Diwali, Bhaiya Dooj, Chhath and Tulsi Vivah will be celebrated. Such is the preparation that Indian goods are easily received at every festival.

CAIT has made a comprehensive plan
CAIT’s National President BC Bhartia says that CAIT has made a very comprehensive plan in this regard. CAIT is preparing a list of all items to be used on all the festivals coming this festive season, which will be completed by July 11. CAIT has advised the state level team working in all the states and other leading merchant organizations to get in touch with the Indian goods makers, artisans, small entrepreneurs, potters, women entrepreneurs, self-employed entrepreneurs, startups etc. related to these festivals. . He should also prepare a figure of how much quantity of this product is made in his state. On the other hand, also collect data of how much those goods are consumed in their state. For this, Kat has set the deadline as July 15.

There will be a synergy between demand and supply
Bhartia says that this data will come in CAIT’s central office in Delhi, in which state based on both data, how much goods are being manufactured and in which state, except for their consumption, the remaining goods should be sent to which state. A large data will be ready. Accordingly, CAT will make a synergy between demand and supply across the country and ensure that there is no scarcity of Indian goods anywhere in the country.

These goods will be transported at an economical rate
Kat says that the transportation of these goods from one place toanother (all the work of transportation) will be done by All India Transport Welfare Association, the top organization of transporters of the country, at very economical rates. They will be told in advance that they have to bring a common place from so-and-so places in the state. After this it will be arranged.

Women’s team will play an important role
Bhartia says that in this Indian festival campaign, women teams will have a special role in all the states related to CAT. CAT will inspire women organizations working in all states of the country to make more and more items related to the festival by women.


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