Seeing the world implicated in the corona virus epidemic, even though China may be busy doing its own motives comfortably, the eyes of the whole world are focused on its antics. A recent example of this is seen in the statement of the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC). The UNHRC has expressed concern over China’s atrocities in Hong Kong. The commission has questioned China on allegations of suppression and harassment of demonstrations taking place there. Earlier, the issue was discussed informally in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on the US, UK appeal.

Concern about suppressing freedom
The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has issued an official statement saying that the United Nations independent experts have consistently contacted the People’s Republic of China and expressed concern about suppressing fundamental freedoms in China. He has alleged that the Hong-Kong special administration suppresses protests and advocacy of democracy.

Use of force, exploitation and oppression of women
Along with this, it has also been alleged that the police are also allowed to use excessive force and even used chemical agents against the protesters. Not only this, there have also been allegations of sexual exploitation and harassment of women protesters in police stations and harassment of health care workers. China has introduced a national security law to tighten its grip on Hong Kong. To work on it, it has also decided to open a bureau.

China told its internal issue
China wants to strengthen its hold by implementing the new security law in Hong Kong. Countries such as the United States and Britain had proposed an informal discussion about this in the United Nations Security Council, on which China called it its internal issue. The Chinese government has been alarmed by the growing protests in Hong Kong. After this law comes into force, it will not be easy to protest in Hong Kong.

Government bodies will be directly responsible for Beijing
In Hong Kong, the bodies of all government departments from finance to immigration will be directly accountable to the central government of Beijing. China has been accused of undermining the legal and political institutions of the semi-autonomous Hong Kong over this law. Let us tell that Hong-Kong came under British rule in 1997 under the ‘one country, two system’ and it has got some rights of its own. This includes separate judiciary and the right to freedom for citizens. This arrangement is for 2047.


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